kj                            Jenni & Nathan

Jenni has lived in Japan since March 2016. Originally from Finland but bitten by a globetrotting travel bug she sold most of her earthly belongings and bought a one-way ticket to Australia back in 2010. Since then she’s traveled to 30+ countries, lived in six and is now very happy to call Japan home. For the time being, anyway.

You know, one never truly heals from the travel bug bite. Jenni loves to laugh and this usually means she finds herself in the company of people, and in places, that afford good times. Her other interests include cooking, reading old mystery novels and singing karaoke.



Nathan is an Australian writer who enjoys sashimi, politeness, and bashing his head against the brick wall that is learning kanji.

He vary rarely goes looking for Pokémon. They just seem to find him.