Hiroshima’s Winter Highlight, Dreamination



Winter in Japan can be drab. Unless you are up in the mountains the likelihood of enjoying a crisp, white winter wonderland of snow is slim at best. Luckily the big cities in Japan host annual illuminations for locals and visitors to enjoy.

Who would not want to explore this castle of lights


The city of Hiroshima displays an illumination called Dreamination. It is a fantasy themed display of light installations right in the heart of Hiroshima. You can find it just a few steps South East from the famous Peace Memorial Park, on Heiwa Odori, a.k.a. The Peace Boulevard.


If this frame of light is not a great photo opportunity, nothing is

This winter the 21st Dreamination is on display from November 17th 2017 to January 3rd 2018. The 1.4 billion bulbs (!) are lit every day from 5.20pm to 10.30pm. If you are in town I urge you to take advantage of this stunning event as it is not only gorgeous but also completely free.


Along The Peace Memorial Park you can also find trees wearing stockings of light.



The Japanese website of Dreamination can be accessed here.


20 thoughts on “Hiroshima’s Winter Highlight, Dreamination

      1. Oh yes it looks really beautiful. We are sure it will be an enjoyable one for us too… unfortunately we’ve been mostly been to the east of the mountains – in Kanto side. Perhaps time to cross over the west Japan!


      2. In all honesty I would always rather choose a smaller city than a mega city such as Tokyo or Osaka 🙂 Hiroshima is a perfect fit for someone who enjoys peace, quiet, nature and low-key Japanese life.

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