Hiroshima After Dark

I have lived in Hiroshima city for the past year and though many visitors deem it “small and boring” I beg to differ.


Hiroshima is not the party capital of Japan but what it offers is infinitely better: serenity, natural beauty; the easy harmony of city life meeting nature.


After the atomic bomb they said nothing would grow in this area for decades to come – they were wrong. Hiroshima started blooming and soon turned into a green little city again. Though the city is gorgeous during daytime I find at least the same amount of beauty in it after dark.


Perhaps you will agree after seeing these shots of Hiroshima during a perfectly ordinary evening.


Walking around the Peace Park, Central Park and around Hiroshima Castle not only makes for great photo opportunities but also allows you to enjoy a different side to a Japanese city: a quiet, peaceful one.


After dark serenity is not something you can easily find in other, big Japanese cities like Tokyo or Osaka. Whereas elsewhere in Japan darkness sets the scene for parties and nights out, in Hiroshima you will not be disturbed by many flashing neon lights or crowds.


I find immense relief from the daily grind when strolling around the nearly deserted parks and riversides of Hiroshima.


Next time you are in town I suggest you take a nice long walk around the city – and make sure to steer clear from the main street if you yearn for the softly humming street lights or dimly lit river bends.

8 thoughts on “Hiroshima After Dark

    1. Nature is unexpected and we don’t really fully understand its powers.
      Yes, night life is not a highlight here in Hiroshima – but I prefer it that way to be honest. It’s more befitting as well, since Hiroshima promotes worldwide peace.

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    1. Hiroshima was also my first stop when I first came here as a traveler. 🙂 This is the city where I fell in love with Japan and decided to return to find work. Such a magical place!
      Thank you and no worries 🙂

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