Japanese TV Special: Rare A-Bomb Material

Calling all history enthusiasts: Hiroshima TV has released on its website 4 documentaries and 1 movie about Hiroshima’s Atomic Bombing and WWII.

The documentaries and the film are in Japanese but have English subtitles, making this a rare opportunity for non-Japanese people to get a glimpse of the material from the perspective of Japanese people.

boeing hiroshima
Destruction on sight.

The material will be available until the end of March 2018. I urge anyone with even a slight interest to make the most of this opportunity as it might not present itself again soon.

The material can be viewed here or at http://www.htv.jp/hiroshima/.

On the website the following material is available:

  • U.S. POWs and the A-Bomb
  • Ishibumi
  • Homeward Bound
  • Streetcars And School Girls
  • A Message From The Vanished Streets Of Hiroshima.

This is a rare opportunity for anyone interested in the history of Hiroshima and the world’s first Atomic Bomb to see things from another perspective.


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