A Secret Garden, Yoshimizu-en

Perhaps not so much a secret as a well-hidden and widely unknown Yoshimizu-en is a private garden tucked away in the countryside of Hiroshima prefecture.


As autumn truly is upon us here in Hiroshima I started to reminisce about the glorious autumnal color fanfares which I was lucky enough to witness a year ago.


Momiji-gari, autumn leaf viewing, is an important Japanese tradition which is considered almost as important as hanami, cherry blossom viewing during spring time.

For those of you planning to visit Hiroshima in November I truly recommend Yoshimizu-en: though be aware that this private garden is only open on the second weekend of November, the 18th and 19th of November in 2017.


If these pictures of Yoshimizu-en do not convince you to visit, nothing will.

To get to Yoshimizu-en I recommend renting a car: driving to Kake town takes about an hour. You can reach Kake township by bus as well, which should take you an hour from Yokogawa JR Station, Hiroshima.


In either case this remote little gem is worth a trip, wouldn’t you agree?


11 thoughts on “A Secret Garden, Yoshimizu-en

    1. Thank you! I’m definitely not a professional photographer nor is my camera expensive – but I am very happy with these shots 🙂


      1. I’d like to think so too! Thanks for reading and leaving a comment, always nice to hear positive feedback 🙂


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