Autumn Colors In Buttsu-ji Temple

The colorful time of the year is getting very near in West Japan: the reds, yellows, oranges and all their different hues are about to start transforming.


If you have not yet heard of momiji-gari, autumn leaf viewing, I am pleased to tell you that the Japanese consider it almost as magical as hanami, cherry blossom viewing in spring time.


Momiji means ‘red leaves’ and gari means ‘hunting’. Japanese people are often surprised to hear that other countries have colorful autumn leaves as well – I always take this as a sign of how much the people adore momiji-gari in Japan.


Right this very moment a typhoon is approaching Hiroshima prefecture it has turned the weather cold and very autumny. The rain and falling leaves made me think of the supreme colors of autumn leaves and so I wanted to share these photos of my visit to Buttsu-ji Temple in Mihara, Hiroshima prefecture, last November.


Buttsu-ji is tucked away from any cities big or small and so you might find renting a car the best option to reach this beautiful mountain temple.


Mihara is a city closest to Buttsu-ji Temple and from there it is a short drive away. From Hiroshima it will take about 90 minutes driving to reach Buttsu-ji.


Though hard to reach I personally think the trip is worth the while. The temple itself is beautiful and  you will definitely be struck with the beauty of the place itself.


In a nutshell, Buttsu-ji Temple is most definitely a glorious place to visit – especially during autumn. I hope these images have provided valid proof of that.


5 thoughts on “Autumn Colors In Buttsu-ji Temple

  1. Gorgeous pictures! And perfect timing as I just recommended Japan as a travel destination to a friend in November – for the colors and culture 🙂 I wish I was able to go.


    1. Thank you 🙂 I do think they came out pretty good even if I say so myself 😝
      November is a great month to see the gorgeous autumn colours – but like with cherry blossoms you have to move fast to not miss them.


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