A Vegan Friendly Gem In Himeji

For those of us who do not eat meat and/or any animal products eating out in Japan can be a mission. There are not many options for ethical eaters so to stumble upon one that exceeds expectations can really make your day. Well, I hope this recommendation will make your day if you are planning on staying in Himeji long enough to enjoy a delicious and cruelty free meal.


I recently wrote an article for Matcha Travel Magazine about a little gem of a restaurant I found when I visited Himeji, a city famous for its grand, gorgeous castle. The full article, A Vegan Friendly Haven For Traveling Foodies in Himeji, can be read here.


Sakurasaku is located very conveniently next to Himeji’s main attraction, the Himeji Castle. I dare say both are great, “must do” spots in Himeji – no matter if you are a meat eater or not. This traditional Japanese restaurant is also an organic food shop and a café – it truly caters for everyone. You can take your meat eating friend there as well as the place also caters for our carnivorous mates.


If you visit Himeji you could do worse than treat yourself at Sakurasaku to a delicious meal or a cake set. The full article can be read here or at https://matcha-jp.com/en/4823


Itadakimasu, enjoy your meal!


5 thoughts on “A Vegan Friendly Gem In Himeji

    1. It really is a lovely place, the atmosphere was so quaint – loved the smell of the tatami and the general vibe of the place. 🙂 Yes, if the castle isn’t enough then throw in a meal at this place and you can’t go wrong 😉

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