It’s HOT! Keep Cool With These Inventions

Japan in summer is HOT. The humidity being almost 100%, the temperature in its 30s or 40s (degrees Celcius) and the city heaving with heat, it can feel completely unbearable at times.

Some of the best festivals in Japan are during hot summer months. Don’t miss out!

I was inspired about the silly, quirky, ingenious Japanese gadgets and inventions so I wrote an article for Matcha, the Japanese online trave magazine, about how to stay cool in Japan during summer.
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You don’t need to speak Japanese to understand this section sells cooling products.

Most of the items you can find anywhere, in konbinis, supermarkets, pharmacies – or my personal favorite, Don Quijote, a massive, nationwide discount store.

Cooling sprays and lotions

Personally I love how handy the cooling aerosol sprays are: they are light weight so you can carry them around easily and they provide instant cooling.

The cooling lotions are amazing after a day in the sun when your skin is just burning with the heat: nothing like a nice shower and slapping some of this stuff on to cool you down!

Ahh, instant cooling!


They sell undershirts that are made of breathing, fast drying materials and which do a great job absorbing all the sweat your body will be producing while battling outdoors. You might not believe it, but they make a huge difference on a hot day: instead of sweating through your clothes, these materials help keep the perspiration on a somewhat tolerable level and best of all, you don’t sweat through your “real” clothes.

Portable fans

Those cute little traditional Japanese fans are pretty alright, but I am talking about the battery operated ones: and now there is a new version which blows water mist on simultaneously. I can imagine how this could be a great invention on a dry hot day, which is exactly why I have not invested my yens yet into purchasing a water mist fan.



They work! Sure they look ridiculous, but they block the UV rays AND staying in that moderate shade truly is a great way of avoiding the dangerous – and scorching – sun.

sunbrella girl
Sometimes old tricks are the best ones. Sunbrella. Rocking for decades and still going strong.

Cooling headbands and scarves

This was a new discovery for me at Don Quijote, one which I must try ASAP: basically a strip of cloth which has a gel “filling” inside. When you soak it in water the gel turns cold for hours – they claim it could even keep you cool for a day.

Sweat absorbing accessories

This is something I came across at Daiso, a 100 JPY shop, that suits especially the office worker, oh yes salaryman, including you! These pads absorb sweat and are attached on the inside of your shirt. They stick to fabrics with a tape and help fight off those disgusting underarm stains.

So yes, the summer in Japan can be an ordeal. But do not crank up the AC and run away from the great outdoors – there are ways to stay cool outside and enjoy the summer. It is definitely worth it.

The full article I wrote for Matcha can be read here or at

There is so much to do in Japan during summer, you definitely want to get out even if it means defying the hot weather.

8 thoughts on “It’s HOT! Keep Cool With These Inventions

  1. Stay hydrated…. Water, water, water!! Well bottled water I am in Mexico… Lol
    I enjoyed reading your post Jenni. I’ll trade you some tacos for any Japanese food! Can’t find any here yet. Keep exploring and enjoy your life.


    1. Oh yes, water is absolutely essential!
      Thank you very much Emile, I’m glad to hear you enjoyed reading it 🙂
      Mmm, I’ll totally trade sushi to tacos with you – for a day. Then I’m back into eating sushi 😉
      Thank you, let’s both keep exploring and having a good time!


    1. Thanks again for reading – and reblogging 🙂
      There would have been so much more cooling products to write about! Perhaps I’ll write another one next summer 😛


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