Sailing Lachen: Suicide & Sail Boats

DISCLAIMER: This story has nothing to do with Japan but I hope to be forgiven, just this once. It concerns a friend of mine named Shorty, his losing of a friend to mental illness, learning to sail a boat to circumnavigate mainland Australia, and growing a pretty impressive beard! Join Shorty on his journey to extract a few drops of goodness from the rotten fruit of tragedy.

From Sailing Lachen‘s post, “The Next Chapter“;


I hope this finds you well. “You” being; family, friends, past passengers or maybe just someone who has stumbled across this blog. Whoever you are, welcome.

So I guess I should start by explaining what this is all about.

My name is Shorty. The past 3 years or so I have worked for a company called Topdeck as a driver and guide showing people from all over the world this beautiful country that I am lucky enough to call home.

Recently however, my life has seen a pretty major change. On the 17th of February 2017 I sent an email officially resigning from my job with Topdeck. The 28th of March would see me flying home from Adelaide and finishing with this great company for the time being.

Just a week after finishing with Topdeck I was found by the news that “Squatter Craig” or “uncle squat squat” as he was to me had committed suicide. I had worked alongside and with Squatter for the past 3 years. He was an amazing man who at the age of 46 had more energy than most of the young adults that he was showing around Australia. Not just energy but good energy, the kind of energy that he would pass on to the people around him to make them smile and get them excited for the day. The news that this great man had taken his life was obviously a shock and devastating to me and everybody who knew him.

The next chapter:

So what now? What is next in my life?

Well. Long before I left Topdeck I had started to devise a plan. My plan was based around bettering my own health, both physically and mentally. I am in no way in bad shape in either of these facets but I am a firm believer that we can always better ourselves in everything we do and anything we want to do. For this to happen however I need more time to myself. Topdeck was an amazing job where I met a massive amount of truly awesome people from all over the world. However whilst living on the road it is very hard to find anytime for yourself.

The Plan:

Step 1: Sell my ute

Step 2: Buy a Sail boat

Step 3: Learn to sail

Step 4: Live on the boat. Eat healthy, exercise, relax and study.

Now as mentioned; recently I lost a close mate to mental illness. Mental illness is something that I have been lucky enough to have never suffered from however it seems to be becoming more and more prevalent across Australia and unfortunately we continue to lose fantastic people like Squatter.

This has now added to my plan. Originally the plan was all for me. A selfish way of bettering myself. However recently I have begun to believe that whilst sailing for myself I can also help people in the widespread community to live a better life. I had always planned on trying to circumnavigate mainland Australia (Sorry Tassie). Now I believe that I can do this and whilst doing so why not raise money for charity to try and help improve the mental health of other people not as lucky as myself.

I intend to keep this blog up to date with my travels, fitness, friends that join me, general shenanigans, photos and of course the charity which I intend to try and help raise money for.

I love you all, Keep well.


Please check out Shorty’s page and perhaps enjoy following his journey to come…


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