Japan vs Australia: A Handful of Random Facts

Because “why not?”….

Ginza, Tokyo, Japan

Land Area

Japan: 374,744 sq km (60th)

Australia: 149 450 000 sq km (7th)

Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia


Japan: 126,065,972 (4th June,2017)  (10th)

Australia: 24,616,707 (4th June,2017) (55th)

Population Growth

Japan: -0.339% (167th)

Australia: .114% (55th)

Kamakura, Kanagawa, Japan

Average Monthly Disposable Salary (USD)

Japan: $2,782.43 (23rd)

Australia: $3,780.69 (9th)

Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

GDP (USD – Billion)

Japan: $4,513.75

Australia: $1,262.34

Izumi-ku, Kanagawa, Japan


Japan: Japanese 98.5%, Korean 0.5%, Chinese 0.4%, other 0.6%

Australian: white 92%, Asian 7%, aboriginal and other 1%

Kings Canyon, Northern Territory, Australia


Japan: 4.4% (94th)

Australia: 5.2% (88th)

Rape Rate (per 100,000 citizens)

Japan: 1 (52nd)

Australia: 28.6 (6th)

Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan

Legal Drinking Age

Japan: 20 years

Australia: 18 years

Point Danger, border of New South Wales & Queensland, Australia

Bonus fact; on average, cigarettes in Australia are 4 times more expensive than those sold in Japan. Cigarettes sold in Australia are the most expensive in the world. Japan places 45 on that same list.

(Sources – Geoscience Australia, NationMaster, Worldometers)

9 thoughts on “Japan vs Australia: A Handful of Random Facts

    1. I guess it depends on which parts… Some cities in both countries share a humid subtropical climate, Brisbane and Tokyo for example. But for the most part, climate and certainly geology are different. Perhaps something to be covered in a future post…

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