It’s That Time Of The Year Again


No, it’s not cherry blossom season just yet! Right now cherry tree’s far less popular relative, the plum tree, is in full bloom. And it’s magnificent.


Many people rave about sakura, the cherry blossoms, and righteously so as they truly are magnificent. But whereas sakura only lasts around a week or two during March or April (depending where you are in Japan), ume, plum blossoms go on from February to March.


If you are not very familiar to sakura or ume, it’s not easy to tell them apart based on looks. I personally can’t tell the difference between a cherry tree or a plum tree, but it’s easy to appreciate the beauty of both these trees blossoming.


For some reason or another, quite a few Japanese people seem to prefer ume to sakura, or at least they tell me they appreciate the beauty of ume more.
As for me, I can’t help but admire both.


I hope you enjoy these pictures as I loved capturing them at Shukkei-en, a historic Japanese garden in Hiroshima.


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